A Walk In The Park | Stroll On Sunday


Hey Guys,

Welcome to the very first Stroll On Sunday post.

My mom helped me come up with this idea. She brought it to my attention as we tend to go out most weekends and explore as much as we can, so we thought, we can show you guys what we have done and seen. In a way we are bringing you with us. This blog is mostly about what I enjoy, and I enjoy going to these places. It just fits.

Today, me and my mom just went to a park for a walk, because my stepdad was busy painting something. Here are the pictures of our day out.


Woah look at these! It looks as though I am walking, but I am really not! Ohhhh!


Just naturally chilling and posing next to this big rock! As you do, right? I don’t usually like pictures of myself, so I must genuinely like you guys 🙂


Did you like this? Should I keep this feature?

Lonely Girl x

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