My First Month As A Digital Marketing Apprentice!

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Hey Guys,

As of yesterday, I have officially made it through my first month as a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

It’s crazy to think about. I’m just sitting here, wondering where the time has gone? It feels like just yesterday I was telling you all about getting the interview and being told I had the job.

In a matter of weeks my life has turned a full 360 degrees, from what felt like endless months of dead ends to landing the job I had been hoping for, in a company where I am able to grow and progress.

So, in honor of this, and because I know some people were interested in finding out, I decided it would be a great idea to share with you how this first month went and what I have been doing in my apprenticeship up to yet.



The First Day:

I remember the first day, and all of the preparation I did for it, searching across the internet for hours for tips and how other peoples first days went on the same apprenticeship. I even took to Twitter, and messaging people who were currently on apprenticeships for support and reassurance (Thanks for the positivity and thoughts by the way, you all really helped). I felt I really needed it.

However, it turned out I had been overthinking it all too much. I really shouldn’t have worried as much as I did. Everyone was so nice and understanding towards me when it came to any questions I had, and thankfully the marketing team, although only small, are so amazing and extremely helpful, especially the Marketing Executive at our office who I work with the most at the office.

In terms of actual work, my first day mainly consisted of initial training, checking over what project I would mainly be working on, as well as providing some content suggestions. It was absolutely great. I couldn’t stop smiling when I got home, I actually felt as though I had achieved something in only one day.

Awesome Things About The Apprenticeship So Far:

  • I have picked up so many valuable skills already
  • Have faced my fear of answering the phone head on
  • Faced my fear of going being in a city on my own
  • Get to write blog posts for other people and have some scheduled for upload soon
  • Been to several meetings, both in person and to our team in India using Skype
  • Had some of my content ideas used on websites
  • Worked on Social Media, including platforms I have never used before
  • Using Hootsuite to schedule Tweets and Facebook posts
  • Looked into Promotional Ads for Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

Going To The Apprenticeship Company For the First Time:

The Apprenticeship itself is the Level 3 Digital Marketer, which I am going to be doing through 3aaas, and unlike some Apprenticeship companies where you attend once a week, I will only have to be there once or twice a month.

I was invited to go down to the office the other day for my official enrollment onto the course.

The evening before was quite the nightmare for me, because the idea of going to a big city and being there on my own was terrifying to me, but thanks to support from my parents I was able to get through it.

Again, it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be.

Whilst there I ended up getting some more information about what I would be doing as well as having to sing a LOT of paperwork and complete a few initial assessments to check where I am right now with my Maths, English and IT, and what might need working on, which thankfully isn’t much. It was very beneficial and even though the assessments dragged a little, I was just glad I pushed myself to go regardless of how I felt.

I’m looking forward to going there again soon!

Anyway, the last few weeks have been absolutely amazing and although there have been a few bad moments where I have felt like I let myself down and made some silly errors, I had to remain positive and keep my head held high, keep going, because hey, we all make mistakes and I am there to learn not to just automatically know it all!

Overall, it has been a great experience so far, the best part being, I am doing what I love, content writing and working with blogs/websites. I am excited to see what is next!

Chloe Lauren x


3 Reasons You Should Be Joining In With Blogger Chats! 

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Hey Guys,

As a blogger its not only important to write, publish and distribute your posts, but also to act and be part of a wider community.

So, what’s one of the best ways to go about doing this?

The simple answer. Blogger chats.

Blogger chats can be a strong tool for any blogger, no matter what it is you write about. It allows you to engage with your audience, build your blogger network and gain some new friends along the way.

They are extremely beneficial and happen more often than you may think and are very easy to join.

Thankfully, Twitter is home to many of these chats, including some of the ones which I get involved with on a weekly basis and maybe ones you could begin to try out in the future. For example: @LbloggersChat, @TeenBloggersGR, @TeacupClub_ and @GRLPOWRCHAT.


Source: Pixabay

But what are the benefits?

There are many benefits to joining in with Blogger Chats, so here are just a few of the most important ones that will hopefully help you to make the right decision, the next time you see one about to start.

Meet Like-minded Bloggers and Influencers

One of my favourite parts of chatting with other bloggers, is the interaction you get with people who share similar interests and a similar thought process to you. Also, just the fact that it is in real time and you are able to talk to other people around the world who love blogging just as much as you do. It’s amazing!

Also, absolutely everyone involved is in the same position, even those who are seen as being ‘bigger’ in their chosen area of blogging, and one thing I have found, is that every last person on these chats are welcoming and just want to help each other. It’s just so incredibly warming to witness and I assure you, you will never feel out of place.

And who knows? These people could very easily end up becoming your life long friends.

Grow Your Presence Online

One thing you are aiming to do, is get your name out there, to grow your online presence. You want people to know that you are there. By this I don’t mean constantly bombarding people with links to your site at every chance you get, but showing people the person you are and let them get to know the real you, the person behind the blog. This in turn helps people to understand what you are about and hopefully then wanting to follow you across the social media platforms and your blog.

Obviously this isn’t the most important thing, but it really helps, especially if this is something you intend to do professionally, and even if not, your blog is your brand, it’s a part of you and deserves to be known.

Again, please don’t just promote, promote, promote. These chats are very subject focused and yes will have moments where you can promote but just don’t go over the top because it’s annoying and not the idea.

Understand Current Trends More

Being a blogger or someone working in social media, means having to constantly move with the trends, but it’s not always easy to do so.

However, being in one of these chats can help you to at least begin to understand them more and begin to get on board with what people are doing or talking about about at the moment.

To do this, don’t just answer the questions in the chat, but also read and engage with the others answering also. You will be opening yourself up to other opinions and thoughts on a subject which you may have not thought about yourself. This could then lead to you having a spark of what could be an interesting blog post idea.

You never know when genius may happen!

There you go! Three impressive reasons why you should be joining in with blogger chats today.

Go ahead. Join in!

Chloe Lauren x


Let’s Make a Difference Together!

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Hey Guys,

I recently received an email from a representative from EventBrite, a company which allows for you to organise, plan and promote events, including that of fundraisers. They asked me to share with you guys about a cause that meant something to me.

It really had me thinking about more than just that. Like, what is actually important to me and what am I doing to help others? Am I really doing enough?

Now, a couple of months ago, I was actually involved in an event through EventBrite, for Hope for Justice, where I walked 10k. They do great works, helping those who are caught up in Human Trafficking and modern day slavery.

It’s one of those things that not everyone thinks about or even knows about for that matter, but the thing is, it is happening more often than it should.

Statistics state that where you live, there is at least one person, maybe more, who are in this situation right now.

Can you believe that? I couldn’t.

But it is true. Very true. So true in fact, that I am shocked that it isn’t spoken about more, when it really should be.

Unfortunately there are so many people going through that we can’t event begin to comprehend?

Just like any other cause, looking into and making yourself more aware of what is going on will help you to have more of an understanding.

But maybe just like me, you can get involved with a fundraiser. Sure, I may have gone through a very long and straining walk which left me fully out of breath (I walked way too fast) but it was worth it.

Just knowing the money was going to a great place and that we were raising awareness for such an important cause was amazing!

The thing is though, if there is something you feel passionate about, you can actually make a real difference. I say this, because we did our fundraiser as part of a group called Pitstop which is part of my church. It started as a little project but it is making a huge difference. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you think you have to offer, you can do something, and you can inspire someone.

So, if you want to get involved with a cause that means something to you, then visit EventBrite. Oh and if you wish to find out more about Hope For Justice just click on the link.

Stay awesome and see you all soon.

Chloe Lauren x

What Causes Do You Care About?

We’re Bringing Autumn Back!

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Hey Guys,

I love Autumn. Don’t you just love Autumn? It’s the greatest of all the seasons. There is so much beauty around to be seen and there is just something so special about the season, that makes everything feel better.


Sure, the weather will be getting a little cooler and the nights a bit darker, but it’s OK. It’s worth it.

You have to love the sound it makes when you walk over fallen leaves or the colours around that are beginning to flourish and show themselves more throughout the next couple of months.

It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s magical. It is what it is!

I am not sure if this is just me, but this season in particular has me thinking a lot, reflecting on things I feel are important and being much closer to my family. There is just a strong sense of togetherness which I absolutely adore.

I understand that people will miss Summer. Most people do. I won’t personally, because I am not the biggest fan of heat, but I do get it though, the attachment people feel. However, at the same time, people should look forward to and appreciate what is to come.

I can just smell that crisp autumn air already. I’m so excited and ready I can’t even begin to explain it.

One thing I get to look forward to this Autumn in particular, is my two year blog anniversary, which is next month. Can you believe it? Two years writing on this blog. It’s insane. I am just glad I am still doing this and that you all still read and show your support for my work. It’s amazing and never ceases to put a smile on my face.

Autumn is just wonderful.

So, go get that fire on, get the wellies out, and prepare the hot chocolates, because Autumn is finally here!

Bring it on!

Stay awesome and see you all soon!

Chloe Lauren x

The Most Important Lesson I Have EVER Learned!

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Hey Guys,

This week was my first week of my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and I am so thrilled with the progress I have made already. Just five working days and I feel like I have accomplished so much.

I won’t give too much away about it yet because I have plans to do a proper post on that very soon, but for now, I will leave you with the fact that I am completely overjoyed and doing something I actually really enjoy.

That’s what life should be about. Sure you should work hard, but you should do so in an environment that makes you happy and because it is what you really want to do. You should never feel pushed to do something which makes you unhappy, it will only cause distress in the long run.

Being happy should be your main priority!

Anyway, what I wanted to talk to you about was the most IMPORTANT lesson I have learned (apart from what I just mentioned above) which has helped me to reach the point that I am at now.

Do you want to know what it is?

Yeah? Of course you do!

One simple thing you can do, which I have taken on board a lot myself recently, which, although at first may seem difficult to comprehend, actually gives you the best chance to take a positive step forward. I would even go as far as to say it is probably one of the greatest and most beneficial things you can do to begin to get better in yourself.

Drum roll please!

My one important lesson is:


This one thing can totally change your perception of well, just about anything. It doesn’t matter what you do or in what way you incorporate this into your life, it is extremely relevant.

I used to see any mistake I made as being the most disastrous thing in the world.

I used to beat myself up over it, and dwell on the sheer embarrassment it made me feel. It made me feel weak and worthless and I know a lot of you feel that way too currently.

Believe it or not though, I found a positive side!

Without mistakes, how would we possibly learn?

It’s those minor happy accidents that make us see what we can do the next time to improve and to get a different outcome.

The problem is, we see them as much more of a problem than they are. We have to accept that we are human. Mistakes are completely inevitable. We can’t stop them from happening. They will continually happen. All you can do, is keep smiling and know that it’s those moments that make you the person you are, and show just how much strength you actually have.

Look at every Mistake as an opportunity. Another chance to get something right.

Want an example?

My blogging.

This isn’t the first blog I ran. It wasn’t even my second. But each one was a learning experience, something I looked at, and even though at times I wanted to give up, I pushed myself through regardless. Overtime I taught myself all of these little tips and tricks to the point that I have managed to reach over 25,000+ page views, over 1250+ Blog followers and now, being in a job which involves blog writing.

See? A mistake may leave you feeling down, but it’s the way you take it that defines who you are.

To reiterate my point: IT’S PERFECTLY OK TO MAKE MISTAKES!

Chloe Lauren x

My Journey To My Dream Job

The Reply(9)

Hey Guys,

How are you all doing today? I am personally doing very well! Not only did I manage to surpass 25,000 page views today (thank you all for that) but I also happened to score the job that I really wanted, one which will lead me in the direction I want to go. Things already seem to be going in the right direction. FINALLY!

I actually tweeted about this straight away, as soon as I had received the good news due to the over excitement that I was feeling. The response and support was absolutely incredible and I cannot thank people enough for that. You all made me smile like a complete mad woman.

One of the responses I received was from one of my good friends and blogger, Regina from Diversion3000. She congratulated me and asked if I would make a post to show how I got my job. So you know what? I am!

For almost a year, I had been searching for job after job, mostly unsuccessfully and for a lot of the time, receiving NOs from the companies I was applying to. There were several companies that had offered me interviews. On week in particular was filled to the brim with them. I was suddenly overwhelmed.

I actually ended up with two offers. The first of which was an apprenticeship that wanted to hire me from the get go, but I didn’t get the best feeling from. I couldn’t take it, it just didn’t feel right. The other was a training company who I did take up the offer with. They were supposed to help me onto the next stage of an Apprenticeship. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned and I won’t make that mistake again.

Always trust your own judgements.

I was soon back to square one. Not sure of where I stood or what I would do. Nothing seemed to be happening. I felt very demotivated. The more I tried, the more I felt down  about the entire situation.

It had me wondering what my options were and where I was going wrong?

I realised my attitude had something to do with it. The moment I allowed myself to be more positive and open to new opportunities, was the moment things began to turn around. I was getting interviews again, and my prospects were looking better.

You change your attitude, your change your perspective.

I ended up working on a cover letter (With a little help from my Stepdad), and decided to just send it out to a company who are situated just down the road from me. It just felt right and I just wanted to try. I had been trying for so long to get anywhere, that I thought if I didn’t give it a go I would be failing myself. The worst they could say is no.

Not like I hadn’t heard that before!

Within an hour the company got back to me saying that I had an interview the same day at 2.30pm. I was nervous but excited. Ok! I WAS EXTREMELY NERVOUS! I was about to be put on the spot.

Deep breath, Chloe. Deep breath!

I went to the interview, and within just 20 minutes of questioning about me, my blog and what I wanted to achieve, I was told I had got the job and would be starting Monday at 10am.

YES! This is what I had been waiting for. Almost a years work, with all of the ups and downs, and now I had finally gotten where I wanted.

Do you want to know the best part? They weren’t even looking for a Digital Marketing Apprentice, but a Digital Marketing Executive. They said my email was perfectly timed and convinced them to give me a chance.


I can’t believe it! I actually get to do what I have been trying to do for a while.

Just goes to show, if you want something bad enough, just keep going, and it will happen. Giving up is not an option.

Oh and one more thing, if you had your results from sixth form this week, congratulations, and you did amazing, regardless of your grades.

Stay awesome and I will see you all soon.

Chloe Lauren x

How Things Have Changed | Poem

Hey Guys,

Recently all I have been seeing everywhere is hatred. Hatred amongst different races. Hatred toward religions. Even hatred against the people we are supposed to love and support.

What happened?

How did this happen?

Why is this happening?

We all need to look at ourselves and ask these questions. We need to fight against it. Hatred doesn’t get you anywhere and doesn’t belong in this world.

We should be lifting each other up, encouraging one another, and being a support system.

Remember the days when you were really young? No one was your enemy. We would look at everyone as friends, regardless of who they were. We all need that child like innocence again.

Sometimes I may begin to stray,But I never forget about you, I could never leave you, You are constantly in my mind, In my heart you will always stay,I remember you and your ways,There i

If you see or hear something which doesn’t seem quite right, and I mean anything, stand up and fight it. We can all be a beacon of light for someone and be the good we wish to see in this world.

Stay awesome and see you all soon.

Chloe Lauren x

5 Signs That You Have Become A Blogger

Don't Stop

Do you own a blog? Do you consider yourself a blogger? If not, maybe you will change your mind after reading this post.

Some people don’t consider themselves as bloggers because they don’t have a huge amount of followers, comments or they don’t get picked for brand deals. But I am here to tell you, you don’t need to have these things. Just having a passion, a want to make your blog the best it can be, and any of the following blogging habits, will make you a blogger!

Social Media Has Become Your Domain And Notification Watching Your Game

Social Media is the place to be if you have a blog.

You need somewhere to connect and interact with other bloggers as well as the people who read your blog. It is also the home of (none) shameless plugs, otherwise known as our blog links.

We have to. Our blogging journey just wouldn’t be the same without it. Plus, I really love supporting others in my community and receiving that same support back. It’s all about spreading the positivity in more than one place!

You Spend More Time Replying To Comments/Commenting On Blogs Than Talking To People You Actually Know!

I think I have actually become ADDICTED to reading other peoples blog posts, but not only that, I have an obsession with commenting on these blogs. I just think it is important. It gives others a boost and shows you care about their posts.

You know what? I also love receiving comments. Obviously, it isn’t the be all and end all. I don’t do it just for that, but when I do see a comment, I get so excited and just want to show my appreciation by replying, although I sometimes forget to do so. Oops!

Your Emails Are Constantly Cluttered But You Really Don’t Mind

I remember the days when I would barely get 20 emails a day.

Jump forward a few months, I have gone up to about 60 emails a day. Obviously that doesn’t sound like a lot for some of you, but compared to what I had, that is, how do I put this? A LOT more!

Then again, who doesn’t want positive emails outlining how things are going with your blog and about other bloggers you know and think are amazing?

When You Have More Photos For Your Blog Then For Personal Use

I am pretty certain that none of the photos I have taken in the last few months have been just for general use. Almost all of them have been for blog posts or my social media content.

Yeah, we are all aiming for that perfect shot that makes people go, #GOALS!

Getting Way Over Excited When An Idea For A Blog Post Comes Into Your Head Or Every Time Someone Follows Or Comments

Probably the most relatable of them all!

There are moments when you may be feeling down, maybe from the day just gone by or from a lack of inspiration, but the very second an idea for a post comes into your head, a smile so electric and infectious will creep onto your face. It’s such an incredible feeling. You just want to run to your laptop, computer or maybe your smartphone, to quickly start writing what is in your head before it leaves.

The same goes for when you see someone new has followed you or commented. You just want to thank them, because it really means a lot to a blogger to know that people are supporting them. It’s not always the easiest thing out there, but every person who follows, likes a post or comments, makes a huge difference. You are making a bloggers day!

Image result for excited gif

Have I changed your mind? I hope so! Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000, you are a blogger. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You’re doing amazing!

Can You Relate? What Do You Think Makes You A Blogger?

Stay awesome and see you all soon.

Chloe Lauren x

Remember Me When You Go | Poem

Hey Guys,

We all have moments when we stray, whether that’s from someone we care for or something we care about. If you feel it is worth the effort, we will always find our way back. Don’t give up that easy and don’t give in!

Sometimes I may begin to stray,But I never forget about you, I could never leave you, You are constantly in my mind, In my heart you will always stay,I remember you and your ways,There iIt doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing right now, if there is something you know you are slowly moving away from, it is never too late to get back and fix it.

Oh and by the way, welcome to ‘Thoughtful Tuesday’. Introducing the old me to the new me.

Stay awesome and see you all soon!

Chloe Lauren x

There Is A Light In The Darkness! 

Book Review


MacKenzie Rivers seems like she has it all figured out. She has great friends, she’s doing well in school and her handsome ex-boyfriend is desperate to win her back. But something is missing from her life in Windsor, Colorado. And as much as she hates to admit it, that something might be Jaden Hunter. Tall, blond and athletic, a year ago Kenzie was falling fast for him and his crooked smile.

Twelve months later, everything has changed. A tragic accident has destroyed Jaden’s family and, despite the way she feels, Kenzie has no idea how to talk to him anymore. She is all too familiar with the impact family tragedy can have on the people she loves, and she can’t bear to go through it again with Jaden. She does the only thing she knows how to do: walk away.

When the pair meet again by chance one night, Kenzie realizes that she can’t ignore her feelings for him any longer. But as she is drawn back into Jaden’s life, she finds herself caught between her increasingly volatile best friend, her interfering ex-boyfriend and her own fears about opening up to Jaden.

Will Kenzie dare to fall for the one person she’s so afraid of growing close to?

(Source: Black and White Publishing website)


Initial Thoughts

Dare To Fall concentrates not only on a blossoming romantic relationship, but also that between close friends, as well as the dynamic between family members.

Sometimes a character is willing to be with or stick up for the guy/girl they are falling for, in this case Jaden Hunter, over that of their closest friends and family. However, there is one specific scene, where you see that Mackenzie knows where her priorities must lie, and it isn’t what you would think. I truly thought it was one of the best parts in the entire book, and showed her to be such a caring and thoughtful character. Up until that moment I wasn’t fully sure where I stood in terms of what I thought about her, but after that, my mind was instantly changed.

I just think there is something quite special and interesting to me as the reader, when it came to the exploration of those relationships in particular, as they really helped to build on my understanding of our main character, whilst at the same time giving me more of a backstage pass if you will (rock on) to the world that surrounds her.

The Drama 

THE DRAMA! Oh who doesn’t love a bit of fictional drama to make a moment more wonderfully interesting?

There was no over exaggeration, which made each of these moments work that much better, but some were a tad too cliche and others easily predictable, but I will let that slide because that is something you can’t always avoid.

There was one character specifically, who whenever they were mentioned, you knew there was going to be something worth reading on for. And that would be HOLDEN. I’m not sure why exactly, but I absolutely LOVED HIM! I’m pretty sure whoever reads this book, they will either seriously love him like I did, or just feel the exact opposite. I don’t think there will be an in between, mainly because he is like a closed, but very angry book that will sulk at even the smallest thing. I just saw him as being completely misunderstood and for some reason I shipped him with Mackenzie. I don’t even know why?

So sorry Jaden! Oh well!

The Romance

Ok! Onto one of the main parts of this book. The romantic side of things. Ooh La La!

From the synopsis you know that Mackenzie and Jaden used to be together… well sort of, but after a year of avoidance the two reunite and reignite the flame that was once there.

I was half expecting it to be fairly rushed, but I didn’t find that to be the case, not fully anyway. It seemed to be a well set pace, and the relationship was allowed to grow naturally the way it should. There were some moments that I felt were a little bit repetitive between the two of them, but nothing too bad.

Jaden seemed a little too good to be true at times and I really tried to find some sort of fault. Thankfully towards the end I got what I was hoping for. Cha-ching. That sounds bad, but nobody is perfect, not even the very lovely Jaden Hunter.

Image result for not even sorry gifs

Important Issues

The best thing about this book is how well it deals with certain issues presented to us. The main one of these ideas being about death and grievances. This is a HUGE underlying factor throughout the entire book and is something which unites several of the characters in different ways.

This is something everyone will have to deal with at some point, maybe not in the same way as the characters in this book, but it really shows you how it can effect the different people involved and that people will deal with the grief in their own way and time.

This is something that isn’t talked about that much, in well, anything I have seen, although really it should. It is a difficult topic to discuss anywhere, let alone in a book, but Estelle manages to do it in the best way possible and really highlights the fact that it doesn’t have to get you down forever and yes, it may be hard to begin with, but things get better.

Now I love positivity, and spreading positive messages, so obviously I had to finish on that note.


*This book was accepted to me by the publisher in return for an honest review

Thank you Black and White Publishing!

Stay Awesome!

Chloe Lauren x