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Today I am doing the Liebster Award. Thank you Geneva for nominating me for this award. If you haven’t already, check out her blog. She is awesome!

I love doing these sort of posts, although I always get stuck with the answers, but that’s natural.

Wait, that’s not just me is it?

Ummm… Let’s just get to it:


Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate 11 blogs

Give them 11 questions to answer

What is your favourite thing to cook? And do you have a signature dish?

I will be honest, I don’t really cook. It doesn’t interest me, but my mom on the other hand is a huge foodie. In fact, she can cook and bake just about anything. I personally, can just about do Cheese on Toast with spaghetti hoops on top. It sounds disgusting but it is absolutely amazing and my absolute favourite food. I’m weird, I know!

Tell me a travel story about a place that you have been to that has stuck in your memory for whatever reason. (Near death experience? Good Deed? Got Lost? Holiday Romance? – I can’t wait to hear your stories)

About three years ago now, I went on a school trip to Austria for a week, making it the second time I had been. We did just about everything we could in order to get a grasp of Austrian culture, but one thing I wasn’t expecting to do, was climb a mountain and then have to abseil back down it.

Now, I am totally, 100% afraid of heights, so this was absolutely terrifying, especially when it turned out that the rope that was there to help us get down, was partly broken off at the ends. This meant we all had to drop back for the last little bit.

Don’t worry, I survived, but I will not do it again!

Do I get my Oscar now?

If you could live life in another time, when would it be and why?

I love history so there are many eras and times I would have loved to live in, but I am going to be boring and just say the 80s. I just think I was born in the wrong decade, plus I have always thought that the music from the 80s were some of the best, so it would have been amazing to have been there to witness some of the musical geniuses in their prime.

If you could look back on your life and choose a moment in your life that helped mold you as a person, what would it be and why?

I would have to say the times when I was bullied. For a long time I let people get to me and take control of my life. I thought it was the worst thing that had happened to me, but now I look back, I think it has made me stronger and the person I am now. Without it, I don’t think I would know what I do now, or be able to empathise with others as much. I am a better person because I came out the other side and beat it.

If you were to describe your life as a movie title what would it be?

My movie title would be just three words: Never Turn Back.

To me, those words just about sum up and symbolise how far I have come since what happened in my past, and that I can keep going on because I am never returning there. It is just a reminder for me more than anything.

If you could only bring 5 items in your makeup bag with you, what would they be? (Or man bag if you’re a guy 😉)

Maybe this is a good time to say, I don’t wear makeup so I don’t really know what to say here. I have worn eyeliner before but that’s only because my friend made me. Apart from that, never!

Is there a place on the planet – like a marvel or an anomaly of nature, a wonder of the world – that you would like to visit?

I would love to see the remains of the Titanic. I know that means swimming around a little, but I wouldn’t mind if it meant I got to see it, even for a few minutes. I don’t even know what fascinates me about it?

Have you ever experienced your very own ghost story? What happened, do you believe it was something paranormal or just your imagination?

I don’t really believe in ghosts. I know a lot of people do though.

What is the most fearless thing you have done?

May I refer back to my Austria story for this? I hope so, because I was quite proud of that. It was awesomely scary!

If you can remember, what did you dream last night, if not, what’s the last dream you remember? (This should be hilarious!)

I hate when I have dreams that seemed great at the time but then when awake I can’t even recall what they were about it. That happens too often these days. However, I do know that I had a dream recently around the book I was reading. It was as though I was part of their family and in the story. Don’t get me wrong, I love the book and the characters but it was truly weird being stuck in the story. I don’t remember what exactly was going on, I just know it was really odd.

If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?

Sometimes people think to change the world you have to do something huge and impact many, but in reality all you have to do is touch one persons heart and make an impact on the minority. This could encourage them to do the same and so on so forth. It is a domino effect. It doesn’t take much, and I know it sounds corny, but I feel just smiling at someone or saying hello makes a world of difference. One bit of kindness could make someones day. It only takes the smallest amount of kindness to change the world!

Ahh! Now I have to come up with 11 questions for you guys.

Is there a teacher who made an impact on your life? If so, how?

Why did you begin blogging in the first place?

If you had to trade places with another blogger, who would it be and why?

What is your dream job?

What are 5 things you want to achieve in your life?

If you could join any TV show, which one would it be?

If you were Prime Minister for a week, what would you do?

How would you spend £1,000,000?

What achievement are you most proud of?

If you could be known worldwide for one thing, what would you want it to be?

If there are some new bloggers reading, what advice would you give them?

There we go! 11 questions. Now for 11 nominations. I am never good at this. I would like any of you to try this, although I am definitely nominating:







Message to the people named above: You might all say you have already done this one, because you’re all super popular ;), but trust me, it is slightly different! Also, I just needed to look like I knew what I was doing, so just humor me. You’re all the best, and the WordPress crew so it’s only right!

See you all soon!

Chloe Lauren x

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More Than A Half Year Round Up

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I know we are seven months into 2017 now, which is obviously more than half way through the year, but hey, since when have I been conventional? You have to be different, right? Actually, it is also seven months until I turn 20, so it’s great timing, although that has nothing to do with what I am doing now.

I just wanted to share with you what has been going on in my life over the last few months and just do a round up which covers more than just one month.

Starting Up My Instagram Again:

During my holiday to Suffolk I thought it would be a great idea to begin using Instagram as a way to document my life in a photographic form which was one of my goals before I turned 20, but also as a way of practicing my marketing skills to get the job I really want.

If you are on Instagram and wish to follow me, you can. Just click… HERE!

My Baptism

Back in February I decided it was time I got baptised and made my faith official. It wasn’t a quick decision, not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I was nervous to share my testimony and open up my life to others. Afterwards I realised no one was there to judge me, but rather to support me, so when I made the choice, I was all in, well especially when I was under water.

The first song above, No Longer Slaves was the song I chose for the day and is one of my favourite songs. That song as well as the other two there, may be Christian songs but definitely can hit home with just about anyone, especially Thy Will. I actually suggested that song to a friend of mine who is in a tough situation, and even she said she could relate. Give them a go!

Job Searching

goodbye 2016,Hello 2017

This one is really difficult, because I am seriously trying to get a job. It’s a wonder my head hasn’t exploded yet. I feel more than frustrated right now.

I have had some good moments and then some not so great moments. Those moments in particular make you feel demotivated and really make it more of a laborious task than it was before.

Obviously it isn’t the easiest thing in the world. We all know that. If it were, I don’t think anyone would be unemployed. Well, maybe some!

In a way, job searching is a full time job in itself and something that I need to put more effort into. I have realised now what I have been doing, although getting interviews every now and again, isn’t completely working.

So what do you do? Change your tactics. Take a new direction.

My stepdad has been the voice of reason and gave me a great idea, which should hopefully improve those prospects. I might need to keep you all even more updated on this one, but for now I am just going to keep my head held high and keep going. It may get to me quite often, but positivity and faith is all I need.


See you all soon!

Chloe Lauren x

What Has The First Half Of Your 2017 Been Like?

My Week In Suffolk | Photo Diary

Last week I was unable to post on this blog, and for that I have good reason. I was away on holiday. I was in Suffolk, specifically the coastal area of Suffolk, which for some reason was lacking in WiFi, so I was only able to use the internet for maybe 10 minutes a day, sometimes not even that.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t too keen on the cottage we stayed at, but the area we were staying in and the surrounding areas were great and the locals were so helpful and welcoming. Let’s just say, we had quite the week.

Here is an overview of what my parents and I did over the week:

Day 1: Travel and Fish and Chips in Lowestoft

After a six hour drive, we left our bags and cases in the cottage, and went looking for a supermarket to stock up for the week, as well as finding a place which sold Fish and Chips, and in an area where we could sit by the sea. We ended up finding Lowestoft, a very busy area with a lot going on. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, and not the place to relax when you are tired.

Day 2: Dunwhich Heath and Village

Owned by the National Trust, Dunwich Heath is an area filled with a lot of walk ways and gorgeous views, as well as a shingle beach at the bottom of the cliff. Actually, little know fact, Dunwich is known as Britain’s Atlantis, because of most of it, being underwater now. BAM! Who says this blog isn’t educational?

Day 3: The greatest Zoo I have ever been too – Africa Alive!

If you want to be up, close and personal with the animals. This the place to go. I have never seen a zoo so clean and the animals so well looked after. One of the best places I have ever visited. Not even an exaggeration. It made the entire holiday for me. Hands down!

Day 4 and 6: Visiting Southwold

(visited twice because it was lovely there)

Southwold was an interestingly wonderful little seaside town. We spent two whole days there, where we explored the town (having my stepdad splash the cash at Joules),  the beach as well as the infamous pier and beach huts.

Day 5: Visiting Aldeburgh

Finally, we have Aldeburgh, a town I was pronouncing wrong the entire trip. Someone had to correct me on that. Oops! Anyway, here we walked across yet another shingle beach, came across the AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE work of Elizabeth Garret Anderson, someone everyone should familiarise themselves with, and even wrote our names on a pebble for artistic effect.

Although, yes we did complain more than we should have, some of the days out were actually rather good and surprisingly, there were some wonderful little hidden gems that I would recommend to anyone thinking about heading up to the Suffolk Coast in the future.

Like they say, there is always a silver lining, even in the darkness there is light, and gees I sound so cliché right now.  

Hope you all had a great week.

Chloe Lauren x

Wonder Woman Movie Review

At the start of this week, a friend and I decided to be a little spontaneous, and go and watch the movie that has had everyone raving. I am of course talking about Wonder Woman. I have never really been the biggest DC fan, so my mind was filled with uncertainty as well as excitement, due to not knowing how it was going to turn out. Thankfully, it was so much better than I could have imagined, and will in my opinion, definitely put DC back on the map, especially for me.

I think what stood out to me, was that however much strength our main character, Diana, aka Wonder Woman had, not only physically but also mentally, there were moments where she was not afraid to show people a more vulnerable side.

I loved that initial innocence, and that throughout you see a true journey that is being taken. It was that same child like innocence that really made the character, and added some of the most humorous moments in the movie. I do think though there was something so special about watching someone in this position grow within a world which is completely new to them.

Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, did a truly amazing job portraying such a strong character and after seeing her in two of The Fast and Furious movies, I was more than glad to see her excel in this, and push the boundaries of the DC world. You go girl!

Another commendable performance has to be Chris Pine’s portrayal of every girls dream, the Captain, Steve Trevor.

Pine plays a spy for the British army, who has uncovered vital information for use back home, but gets caught up with Diana, when his plane crashes in her home land. Together they join forces and return to the war with one objective, a kill and destroy mission for the greater good.

It was very refreshing to see a male playing the role of the sidekick. The fact that he didn’t overshadow or belittle her, but rather encouraged her, was an amazing change. Throughout you also see how, just like Diana, Trevor is also on a journey, one of self discovery and love. This becomes more apparent as the movie progresses, especially towards the end, when his feelings cause him to make an important which changes the tone of the entire movie, adding depth to both the character and the movie.

It was also interesting to see how the two interacted and how the dynamic was different to most movies similar to this.

Finally, onto the make or break moments, the times that define the true superhero movies from the imposters, the fight scenes.

Yes, there were the usual cliche moments that you see all of the time, and parts that were overly predictable, but they were quite subtle compared to what is usually seen.

Some of the shots used were absolutely incredible, but did remind me of other movies. For example, the final few scenes, reminded me a little of the end of Fast and Furious 6, which incidentally also featured Gal Gadot. It was like deja vu. I wonder if she felt the same about that scene?

These scenes all came with one specific message, fighting for what you believe is right. This could have gone over the border of ridiculous, corny and going horribly wrong, but had the exact opposite effect. It was seriously powerful and really resonated with me, as well as my friend.

The way it was directed and produced, came across well and was visually astounding. Everything seemed to just flow and work together so well. Even the resolution at the end was done perfectly. I couldn’t fault it.

If it’s the action you want, it is action you will get. Watch out Marvel, DC are coming for you!

Chloe Lauren x

Are You More DC or Marvel?

Life Can Be Difficult| Poem

Life is sometimes crazy,
But there is beauty all around,
We are lost in a world of chaos,
And love is flooding through from the ground.

Nothing ever comes easy,
That’s just the way it was supposed to be,
Let’s come together and be as one,
And fight for a life we would want to see.

Can’t you see what is happening,
We have been looking at things wrong,
Life may keep on changing,
But we will carry on singing our harmonious song.


Exams Are Difficult, But They Don’t Have To Be!

Decorate The RightWay!(2)

The end of the school year will quickly be coming to an end in the next few months, which unfortunately means for many of you, it’s exam season. Sorry about that!

This is the time of year where our minds go into full panic mode, but you are not the only one. We have all been there, trust me! However, it doesn’t have to be the most stressful time, does it? Not really, no!

What you need are a tips which will allow for you to relax as much as possible before you have to take that plunge into the deep end. That is where I come in. I have got 6 killer things that you can do, which will hopefully help you at this stage. It’s never too late to feel relaxed. So, here we go.

Exercise It Out

Yeah I started with a weird one. You’re probably sitting there thinking, I am taking exams not getting ready for a marathon. I know, but exercise is actually very important, it releases a feel good hormone called endorphins which should allow for you to relax much easier, and probably much quicker. By the way, did you know that if you exercise straight after a bit of revision, it helps to keep that information in your mind, making it easier to remember? No! Well, you do now!

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep will relax your body, and aid your brain in remembering the information that is needed. It will also make you more alert, making you much more ready for the day, as well as any exams you may have, or any final studying you might be doing.

Eat A Balanced Diet

This one is pretty rich advice coming from me, especially saying that I used to always miss breakfast which is terrible I know, so really this is just me telling you, wait no, urging you to not make the same mistake I did. Make sure you ALWAYS eat correctly, especially in the mornings, in order to make your mind feel awake and ready for the day ahead. You can’t perform at your best or even relax your mind without it. We all love food. It’s true. It is an integral part of ensuring our bodies work to full capacity, so let’s give our bodies what it wants, a balanced diet.

Listen To Calming Music

There is no point listening to music that is heavy, or has lyrics , because in an exam, you may remember the lyrics rather than the material you have learned, which obviously isn’t good. When I was doing my exams I stuck to listening to what is called ‘Adagio’, particularly in G minor. It really helped, and just in case you want to listen to it also, you can listen to it here.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has many health benefits which can be used at any time, not just for exam stress, but the reason I mention it here, is because it is able to increase blood flow to the brain, as well as having a positive effect on your mood by releasing endorphins to the body.

Take A Break

People always forget that it is ok to take that little bit of a break. Your brain needs it. It should not be constantly filled with information, especially not the week or even night before an exam. You should do little bursts of revision, and then allow yourself a few minutes to take in what you have done, and get your mind back in the right place. Over doing it could really effect you both in the exam, and sleep wise, which as we just learned isn’t good.

So there we go, 6 small but beneficial things you can do which will help you relax and perform better this exam season. Feel ready? Yes, I knew it. You are ready!

Take those exams down!

Chloe Lauren x

Better Days Are Ahead!

Decorate The RightWay!(1)

Do you guys remember a year ago? Some of the things I said, some of the stories I told you? If you do, you have been here for quite a while, and for that I am completely thankful, but what I am trying to say is, those were some rough times. Well, to me anyway.

I remember a time when I would wake up everyday afraid and worried, not sure what each day would have in store for me. I couldn’t even leave my home without someone with me. I felt totally alone and as if I was worthless, so much so that part of me didn’t even want to be here anymore. It was tough, not just for me, but also for those around me.

I know there were moments when I must have hurt them, and drained them emotionally, but it was never intentional. In fact, I know that if I asked them now, they wouldn’t blame me, not for one second. That’s what makes them all so wonderful!

Thankfully, those times are so far behind me. They are just distant memories which will never resurface. A past I have been freed from, mostly through my love for Christ, and the constant help from my extremely supportive friends and family.

I have never felt so happy or full of life. It’s as if my entire heart, mind and soul were made completely anew. A new me was born, along with a new, more positive outlook on life, and I am seeing the good in things I wouldn’t have noticed before. It’s the most amazing feeling I have ever had the pleasure of feeling.

I’m not saying I am free from all things bad, and that life won’t throw me anymore curve balls, but what I am saying is that when I encounter it, I know that I am more well equipped to handle these situations, more so than I would have been before. Do you know what I am saying?

The reason I am sharing this, is because I wanted to let you all know that things may be tough for a season, but they will get better, even if right now you don’t think that could be so. There is always hope and you always have a friend. In a way this was my testimony to you that no suffering lasts forever.

Believe in yourselves and know there is a light that wants to save you from the darkness. Everything will be ok!

Also, I know you may not all believe in the same things I do and that is fine, but I will leave you all with this piece of scripture as I feel it really fits with what I have just been saying and may help you with what you are going through right now.

“Suffering produces ENDURANCE, produces CHARACTER, produces HOPE!

  • Romans 5:3-4

See you all soon,

Chloe Lauren x

Why Do I Write? | Writer’s Ink Challenge

The Reply

Hey lovely people of the internet. How are you all doing? I am hoping wonderfully!

Now, I can’t remember the last time I attempted a tag post, but I recently saw someone upload this one and it reminded me that I was also tagged a while back, so I felt inspired to do it now, and hopefully I will get the others done also, because there were a few I have missed. Sorry to whoever has tagged me in posts. I will get to them in due course. Scouts honor.

Anyway, my good friend Anna Regina from Diversion3000 and co owner of TeamAwesome, tagged me to do this, so just a quick hello and thank you to her before I start, because why not. She’s seriously awesome by the way, so why not go check her blog out, but not until you have read this post. Please?

The Rules Are As Follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you (DONE! Tick that one off already)
  • Answer all 8 questions
  • Nominate at least 5 people

Writing has always been a huge passion of mine and is obviously why I am here right now, writing this post, and why you are here, reading my blog (good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you all), so I felt this was a very apt tag for me to join in with, and hopefully

When Did You First Start Writing?

I guess I have always been writing in a sense, but I didn’t begin to do so properly until I found myself in a difficult point in my life. It became a sort of release from real life and helped me to convey how I was truly feeling in a way that was productive and not particularly destructive.

Have You Always Been Interested In Writing?

I don’t think I was always interested. In fact, I am sure I wasn’t. I used to find it to be quite a laborious task, one that was just too much, plus I used to be extremely sporty and could never find time for it. However, now that I have found an interest, I absolutely love it. It is probably my favourite past time, and keeps me sane, or as sane as I possibly can be.

Why Do You Like Writing?

I think for me personally, I loved writing because it was the best way for me to just be me and to be free to actually say what I needed to say.

There were things in my heart and on my mind that I found so hard to communicate to people, but writing it all down, managed to break down that barrier and started a conversation I could never get myself to start. From there, it has just become habit. A good habit, and a passion I wish to pursue further. Hopefully!

What Genre Do You Write In?

Well I am not sure I have settled on just one genre, but I do find that a lot of what I write fits similar themes.

I’m not sure if this counts, but I blog (pointing out the obvious), and I imagine in a way it is a sort of style of writing, especially saying that you are writing to an audience and telling stories, even if they are my own real experiences.

Does it count? I will let you guys decide on that.

Who Or What Motivates You To Write?

Originally it was my experiences, and to a certain extent it still is, but since coming through a lot of my issues and finding my faith in Christianity, I obviously have a fresh perspective on life and it is given me a new way of looking at the world. I think that has given my writing a new voice also.

Do You Write Poetry?

YES! Poetry is one of my favourite types of writing, but you all probably knew that already. It is such a quick release and really gives your emotions a voice and allows for it to feel that much more real to both you and the reader.

I just love poetry! It is so real and forms a whole story in a few lines or verses. Awesome, right?

Have You Ever Written A Story With A Friend?

A genuine story? No! A stupid, very odd story which wasn’t written, but pieced together verbally? Yes!

How Do You Write Your Stories? (First Or Third Person)

More often than not I will write in the first person, because I feel it to be more personal and really brings the reader more into the story, and makes them feel more apart of it. However, that isn’t t say I don’t go for third person. It is only occasionally though, and only I think it fits with the story, or if I am just trying to change it up a bit. Got to be spontaneous, if you know what I mean?

So there we go. I hope that was insightful and you learned a bit more about me and why I love to write. Not that you asked for that, but still.

Also, I know I am supposed to tag people, but I am really unsure who has done this and who hasn’t, so I am just going to cheat and say I am tagging, well, all of you! ENJOY!

Chloe Lauren x

Find What Is Lost!


Title: Paper Town

Author: John Green

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Quentin has always loved Margo Roth Spiegelman, for Margo (and her adventures) are the stuff of legend at their high school. So when she one day climbs through his window and summons him on an all-night road trip of revenge he cannot help but follow.

But the next day Margo doesn’t come to school and a week later she is still missing. Q soon learns that there are clues in her disappearance . . . and they are for him. But as he gets deeper into the mystery – culminating in another awesome road trip across America – he becomes less sure of who and what he is looking for.

Paper Towns is the second book by John Green that I had the pleasure to read and although many people will probably say that The Fault In Our Stars is the best of John Green’s books, I believe it to be Paper Towns. It hooks you in within the first few pages, and holds onto you right until the end, whilst managing to prove just how much of a literary genius Green is. For those who don’t know, that is a lot. He is setting the bar high!

Ok, when I first went into this I just assumed it was going to be another sappy little love story where someone feels brokenhearted, but continues to yearn for the other. Although, it has elements of this, that isn’t all Paper Towns is. No! Not at all! This story is more about searching for something more and finding a truth you were missing, as well as the idea of being lost symbolizing how we all feel at some point and just knowing how to deal with it. Deep, right?

There were the elements of adventure and mystery which were interwoven amazingly within the plot and made this love story so different. There is just a sense of excitement that you don’t get in many other books of this caliber or genre.

Quentin is by far one of the most kindhearted characters I have come across, and starts off  as very vulnerable, but as the book quickly progresses through, you see him become much stronger in himself and way more attuned to the different situations he and the other characters are facing. It is definitely a wonderful character development.

Margo on the other hand, was a character I couldn’t fully identify with in the book, but ended up liking more in the movie. With the book, She seemed a little bit too much like two dimensional character to me, not developed quite enough, with too many flaws to her persona, and that really seemed to aggravate me at times as I saw it as a hindrance to the over all story line as well as to Quentin as a character. I am quite torn really.

Overall though, it is a great read, with some amazing moments which make it quite the journey of self discovery, and an awesome coming of age story.  I just really need John Green to write more books! ASAP! Please.

Chloe Lauren x

Remember The Times | Poem

Remember those times,
The days quickly gone by,
A time that once hung on for dear life,
But now has no grip.

Remember those times,
Waking up with a tear in your eyes,
A lie firing up inside your heart,
But now knowing the truth.

Do you remember,
You’ve come so far since then,
With thoughts that used to be dark,
But now resurfaced into the light.

Do you remember,
Do you actually see where you are now,
They used to see weakness,
But now only see the strength, a strength that was always there!

Chloe Lauren x