My Week In Suffolk | Photo Diary

Last week I was unable to post on this blog, and for that I have good reason. I was away on holiday. I was in Suffolk, specifically the coastal area of Suffolk, which for some reason was lacking in WiFi, so I was only able to use the internet for maybe 10 minutes a day, sometimes not even that.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t too keen on the cottage we stayed at, but the area we were staying in and the surrounding areas were great and the locals were so helpful and welcoming. Let’s just say, we had quite the week.

Here is an overview of what my parents and I did over the week:

Day 1: Travel and Fish and Chips in Lowestoft

After a six hour drive, we left our bags and cases in the cottage, and went looking for a supermarket to stock up for the week, as well as finding a place which sold Fish and Chips, and in an area where we could sit by the sea. We ended up finding Lowestoft, a very busy area with a lot going on. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, and not the place to relax when you are tired.

Day 2: Dunwhich Heath and Village

Owned by the National Trust, Dunwich Heath is an area filled with a lot of walk ways and gorgeous views, as well as a shingle beach at the bottom of the cliff. Actually, little know fact, Dunwich is known as Britain’s Atlantis, because of most of it, being underwater now. BAM! Who says this blog isn’t educational?

Day 3: The greatest Zoo I have ever been too – Africa Alive!

If you want to be up, close and personal with the animals. This the place to go. I have never seen a zoo so clean and the animals so well looked after. One of the best places I have ever visited. Not even an exaggeration. It made the entire holiday for me. Hands down!

Day 4 and 6: Visiting Southwold

(visited twice because it was lovely there)

Southwold was an interestingly wonderful little seaside town. We spent two whole days there, where we explored the town (having my stepdad splash the cash at Joules),  the beach as well as the infamous pier and beach huts.

Day 5: Visiting Aldeburgh

Finally, we have Aldeburgh, a town I was pronouncing wrong the entire trip. Someone had to correct me on that. Oops! Anyway, here we walked across yet another shingle beach, came across the AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE work of Elizabeth Garret Anderson, someone everyone should familiarise themselves with, and even wrote our names on a pebble for artistic effect.

Although, yes we did complain more than we should have, some of the days out were actually rather good and surprisingly, there were some wonderful little hidden gems that I would recommend to anyone thinking about heading up to the Suffolk Coast in the future.

Like they say, there is always a silver lining, even in the darkness there is light, and gees I sound so clich√© right now.  

Hope you all had a great week.

Chloe Lauren x


The Time To Run Wild And Free!

How are we already in November?

Before we know it, it will be Christmas, then the New Year, and then well into 2017, without even knowing where the time has gone.

I will tell you what though, Autumn is well under way. It is most definitely the right time to find yourself outside, exploring. I can’t imagine a better season to find yourself stuck in. It’s no too warm (which is important), and it’s not too cold, and the scenery is just perfect.

Leaves of all colours and sizes falling all around you,  whilst you walk, or if you prefer, run through. Let your inner child be wild. Seriously, how could you possibly resist?

Just look at this beauty, and tell me you can:



I thought so.

Get yourself out there. Enjoy Autumn. Be adventurous. Be inspired!

What’s your favourite season, and why?

Chloe Lauren x

Room Tour! | #BedroomTrendspotting

surf school(1)

Hey Guys,

My room is fairly small, and because of that I have included a lot of light colours, which opens the room up more and makes it appear to be a little bigger than it actually is. Also, because I recently turned 18, I wanted something which showed a bit more maturity, without losing my personality along the way.

Now, I love anything vintage, the outdoors, and anything that I can use to remind myself to remain positive. This is shown a lot throughout the following photos, and really helps to represent how I see Spring, and how I am incorporating it into my everyday life.

2016-03-11 17.13.312016-03-11 17.15.552016-03-11 18.03.332016-03-11 17.17.112016-03-11 18.04.532016-03-11 18.03.102016-03-11 18.00.362016-03-11 18.01.002016-03-11 17.17.342016-03-11 18.06.082016-03-11 18.05.482016-01-112016-03-11 17.16.432016-03-11 17.16.162016-03-11 17.14.112016-03-11 17.15.322016-03-11 17.15.022016-03-11 17.14.35

There you go! I hope you liked my room, and maybe even found a little bit of inspiration also. Have a great week!

Chloe Lauren x

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